Marmita De Panoramix



  • Tuber Menalosporum del Moncayo

Truffled poultry broth:

  1. Hen Tuber Melanosporum del Moncayo
  2. Leek
  3. Carrot
  4. Onion
  5. Water
  6. Salt
  7. Fresh foie gras
  8. Tricholoma portentosum
  9. Puff pastry
  10. Egg


In a pot make a broth with the hen, the truffle, the leek clean of land ... Let reduce until you get a concentrated broth. Rectify salt and strain over an estameña.

Chop the foie gras and tricholomas to put them in a clay bowl, add sheets of Tuber Melanosporum del Moncayo and bathe with the previously cooled broth.

Cut puff pastry discs from the diameter of the bowl.

Spread the edge of the bowl with beaten egg and place the puff pastry as a lid.

With the puff pastry cuts, make a ball and place in the center as a handle, paint the puff pastry on top with the beaten egg and bake 20 minutes at 180 ºC.

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