We act consistently with our thoughts and feelings.

We establish and maintain good relationships with the people, corporations and entities that get involved and collaborate with us and from here we will promote environmental education and ecological knowledge.

We intend to value the services we find in our environment, especially highlighting the human potential of the people involved with this Project, without which it would not be possible.

Our main objective is to promote organic farming, take care of the diversity of our natural environment and encourage the use of our spaces to live unique experiences. For this reason we give our Facilities and use our website for the development of educational and social events.

To achieve this, we collaborate with State, Regional and Municipal Bodies with which we share values and interests.

The Aragon Seed Network Project is inserted in the Seed Network "Replanting and Exchange", to recover and maintain local varieties, protecting our Heritage and Biodiversity.

CERAI Aragón, Center for Rural Studies and International Agriculture. Participating in comparative studies between local and commercial seed varieties.

CARITAS, within its Training and Labor Insertion programs, offering our facilities for visits and practices of students.

ATADES, KOIKI PROJECT. "Awarded for her work in social innovation". Based on the distribution of sustainable parcels, employing people with intellectual disabilities who make the delivery on foot, by bicycle and with electric vehicles. This project is characterized by being a Transport of zero CO2 emissions.

For our part:

Convey the importance of healthy eating: Within the web you will find detailed nutritional information and the health benefits of each product.

Extolling our ARAGONES gastronomy and recipes is a commitment: In the Blog you will find recipes and culinary suggestions with seasonal products.

Organic farming in greenhouses by Carlos Sainz