We are 2, José Carlos and Marta

Organic farmers and producers. We have partnered to cultivate our fields following traditional techniques, without using chemicals. "We are Accredited Certificates by the competent bodies, to guarantee the Quality of our production". Offering the widest range of products in season.

In addition, we are committed to maintaining local varieties that help enrich our heritage and maintain our culture. Every week, our freshly harvested products arrive at your homes with the freshness and quality that only "organic and local" food guarantees.

The distribution "Kilometer 0", is part of our way of thinking and the same ideal that leads us to produce by ecological means, also moves us to distribute our products in collaboration with the Social Logistics of ATADES, in a Project of zero CO2 emissions with this idea of leaving no trace.

The Hydrological Footprint (HH) is vital for us and our economy. Helping to conserve soil nutrients and caring for our aquifers. We have adapted our farm, "Installing Drip Irrigation in 100% of our farm".

We hope that our online store is the window where you can access "First Quality", organic and local foods, which go directly from the garden to your table without losing their flavor or their nutritional and organoleptic properties.