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    With a deep commitment and affection, we care for each product from seed to your table. Every vegetable, fruit, legume, or aromatic herb is the result of dedication and respect for nature.

    In our corner of the earth, organic farmers and producers have come together with an exciting purpose: to cultivate our fields with love, using traditional techniques and leaving chemical products behind. It's a pleasure to tell you that we are Certified Accredited by relevant authorities, ensuring that the quality of our harvest is unparalleled!.

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    How we work

    Every week, our freshly harvested products arrive at your doorstep, carrying with them the freshness and quality that only "organic and local" foods can provide.

    Speaking of sustainability, our commitment to "Kilometer 0" distribution is more than just a gesture; it's an extension of our ecological philosophy. In collaboration with ATADES Social Logistics, we have brought to life a zero CO2 emissions project, with the intention of leaving no trace behind.

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