Ensalada de Cardo Rojo Melanosporum



  1. Tuber Menalosporum del Moncayo Red Cardo del Moncayo
  2. Truffled egg
  3. Parsley Agar-agar
  4. Sunflower oil
  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O. "Sierra del Moncayo"
  6. Grenache vinegar
  7. Cuttlefish ink
  8. Flakes and fine salt


Clean the thistle stalks by cutting at the tips and immerse in plenty of water with ice and parsley.

Prepare a vinaigrette with the yolk of the egg (which we will have had 4/5 days before along with the truffle in a closed container), vinegar, grated truffle and extra virgin olive oil D.O. "Sierra del Moncayo" and fine salt. Reserve.

Extract the juice of the truffle (freezing and pressing it, or with prolonged cooking in water), add fine salt a little cuttlefish ink and bring to a boil. Add agar-agar and cook 1 minute. Fill a syringe and put drops in a container with cold sunflower oil.

Mix part of the truffle juice with the salt flakes, spread on a sulfurized paper and let dry to get a truffled salt.

Centrifuge the thistle and mix in a bowl with the vinaigrette and truffle caviar.


Add truffled salt flakes and sheets on top.

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