Mermeladas De Trasmoz

"The laughter is the jam that seasons the bread of the life, gives it gives flavor, it takes away dryness and the makes more bearable."

Diane Johnson

Trasmoz of the witches

After the visit to the workshop you can get to know closely what is said to be the only cursed village in Spain. It has a castle where currency was counterfeited in the Middle Ages that according to Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer was created out of nothing in one night by a Muslim necromancer magician. Place of rest and inspiration of the Bécquer brothers, homeland of the witch Joaquina Bona Sánchez called "Casca". Scenario of tragic legends such as the one written by Augusto Ferrán as "El Puñal". It welcomes the courage and ingenuity of Manuel.

Jalón, inventor of the mop and the plastic syringe and creator of the "Trasmoz Castle Foundation". Or among others the teacher and writer José Luis Corral, and the poet and artist Luigi Maráez and Alime Hume. In short, a magical and mysterious place where Julio Iglesias' father was kidnapped. A place that leaves no one indifferent, full of life, mystery and surprises.

Bubub: signature jam

One fine day Curro and Susana arrived in Vera with the intention of traveling in time and resting. Curro, was in the middle of recovery from an accident that during a summer prostrated him in a wheelchair. And the world from a wheelchair is seen differently. Far away were his years as a famous musician in the group Puturrú de Fuá, the Aragonese group that swept the world in the mid-eighties with songs like: "No te olvides la toalla cuando vayas a la playa" or "Los chicos de Plan" and an intense social life of illustrious and enlightened Zaragozano. Perhaps it was discovering that the word tranquility existed, the landscape of Moncayo or, as evil tongues say, that the witches of Trasmoz bewitched them hopelessly with the sweet taste of their magic potions. Simply, they fell in love with the region and nested in Vera.

Susana Azanza has always moved in the world of catering and pastry and, "as there is no August without preserves", she began to prepare jams and homemade sauces. This is how Bubub was born, Curro tells us with a certain irony, we have created "signature jams". Curro and Susana are a restless, creative and stubborn couple, qualities necessary to carry out a different and artisanal food project.

Bubub, is a fictional character that the boy Curro had created in his imagination: "Bubub, he tells us, is a bird-foot with the appearance of a flower from an ancient lineage, it is a strange bacterial mutation of stardust". Curro Fatás has the soul of an entrepreneur: he is brave, witty, funny and somewhat eccentric, a real seducer. Susana is a curious and delicate cook, like herself, who treasures in her hands the secrets and the alchemy of a world of sweets and jams.

The product

Bubub, offers its handmade jams and marmalades from start to finish, from the cleaning and peeling of the fruit to the closing and labeling of the jars. Jams in which the fruit has the presence and prominence it deserves, but it is the rest of the ingredients that make them a unique and special product. Fine, delicate and exquisite jams; made with a lot of love, with original recipes that almost always include a slight touch of liquor and even spices. To these natural ingredients only sugar is added, which acts as a preservative, and "agar seaweed" which works as a gelling agent, thus reducing cooking times and enhancing the vividness of the fruit's natural properties, flavors and colors. The product is packaged in beautiful glass containers, with an exclusive design and carefully chosen labels. The cases are more reminiscent of luxurious gifts or expensive beauty creams. Its creators have it very clear, Bubub is a gift that is eaten, even with a spoon.

The jams are an incredible range of mixed fruits with spices and a touch of alcohol: gin and tonic, cava, red wine, txakoli. Something rarely seen until now, a curious mix of succulent apricot and fresh mint jams, strawberry with green pepper, caramelized onion with white wine. And more surprising ones: slightly spicy tomato jam to whiskey, tangerine and pumpkin to Grand Manier, peach to orange gin, Kiwi, lemon and tequila, or orange to rum and cinnamon; all in the right balance. Bubub, exhibits a wide range of varieties to dress sweet sauces that contrast with salty foods. Surprising flavors for cheeses, foie gras, game and pâtés, all irresistible.

Themed jams

As Curro Fatas says with grace and wisdom, we have also invented "themed jams".

and what the hell is that? Quite simply, we choose a theme that we find attractive and we invent a combination of flavors that suggests to us and an image that complements it. Example? The lovers of Teruel suggested an exquisite concoction based on sensual blackberry, sinful apple, intoxicating cinnamon rose water, romantic Brut Nature cava and a touch of tangy lemon. Presented in a little box inspired by the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the cathedral of Teruel. Take it now!". The perfect pairing. Curro can give free rein to his imagination and be the perfect Marketing and Public Relations expert. Susana, provides the necessary balance between traditional products and innovative daring. Arantxa Escartín, publicist and textile designer, has been able to find the excellent brand image of Bubub. A team that knows how to sell itself, both in the media and in social networks.

Bubub, today

"Today's cuisine has taken off its corset and prejudices, and has allied itself with imagination to invent fun things," Curro tells us.

During these years, Bubub, has managed to gain the recognition of the most exquisite palates and the most demanding Gourmet Club. Currently, Bubub is in a phase of growth and expansion. Its distribution, until now national, is internationalized through an English chain of Spanish restaurants. And it is already taking positions in the European market. "We have already landed in Mexico". Bubub is getting bigger. On Saturdays they organize tastings so that all the "morroputas", as Curro says, enjoy a kind of high gourmet maño. In a short time, Bubub, will have a space for tasting, to give training courses and to organize cultural activities.

It is difficult to decide between so much flavor, perhaps, the most recommendable is to visit Bubub's facilities in Trasmoz (Zaragoza) very close to Tarazona. On Saturdays you can visit the workshop, taste the products, and buy, never better said, at factory prices.

A new culinary and gastronomic reference in the region of Tarazona and Moncayo. The excellence and the good work is his mark of work. An example of creativity and innovation. The secret ingredient of Bubub, which impregnates each of its textures, aromas and tonalities, is the music that sounds in the workshop during the elaboration of Susana and Curro's "caprices".

sugar! A rainbow of good taste. For some years now, they have been the promoters and organizers of the "International Torrijas Contest" which is held annually in Trasmoz. Perhaps, one day, "the author's torrijas" will be born.